Quick Wins for Energy Savings: Top 3 Lighting Trends for 2024

Quick Wins for Energy Savings: Top 3 Lighting Trends for 2024

By Theresa Einarsen • Dec 4th 2023

As we approach the end of the year, it's an opportune time for businesses to evaluate their energy usage and consider new, efficient ways to illuminate their spaces. In the realm of commercial lighting, several trends have emerged as game-changers in energy efficiency and cost savings. Here, we explore the top three lighting trends of 2024 that can transform your business.

1. Embracing Bluetooth Network Controls

Bluetooth Network Controls are revolutionizing the way businesses manage their lighting systems. With this advanced technology, you can control your lighting setup directly from a device, making adjustments in real-time. This level of control can lead to an impressive reduction in energy use – up to 30% through smart scheduling and dimming. It's not just about saving energy; it’s about optimizing your lighting system for efficiency and convenience.

2. The Rise of LED Outdoor Area Lighting

As the days continue to shorten this time of year, proper outdoor lighting is more crucial than ever for the safety and security of your premises. Our LED Outdoor Area Lights and LED Wall Packs are a standout in this category, offering a reduction in energy costs by up to 60%. These lights not only brighten your outdoor spaces effectively but also bring a significant cut in your energy bills, proving to be a smart investment for the long term.

3. Maximizing Savings with Utility Rebates

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your lighting this year is the potential for utility rebates. Many energy-efficient lighting solutions, including those offered by our company, are eligible for rebates that can substantially offset the initial costs of upgrading. This trend not only promotes sustainability but also makes financial sense for businesses looking to reduce operational costs.

  • Utility Rebate Success Story: Discover how OEO Energy Solutions played a pivotal role in collaboration with top utility providers to execute a full LED upgrade achieving impressive results including a rebate of $90,800 and a reduction of 321,654.44 kWh in energy consumption. Check out the full case study here.


The move towards more efficient lighting is not just a trend – it's a necessary shift in today's energy-conscious world. By adopting these trends, businesses can enjoy reduced energy costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and a smaller carbon footprint. As we look towards 2024, it's clear that smart lighting solutions are key to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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