LED Bulbs

Indoor High Bay LED Lamps

Commercial and industrial LED retrofit lamps are specialized lighting solutions designed to upgrade existing lighting fixtures to utilize energy-efficient LED technology. These industrial LED light bulbs offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to replacing entire lighting fixtures, allowing your business to achieve significant energy savings and improve lighting quality without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.

All of our LED lamps are available in one of three options: 1) Type A - Direct Replacement Lamps. Also know as "plug-n-play" lamps, these are compatible with your existing ballasts. Simply swap bulbs. 2) Type B - Direct Wire Lamps. These ballast bypass lamps run on direct line voltage 120-277V. Simply remove or wire around your existing HID ballast before installing. 3) Type A/B - Hybrid Lamps. Hybrid lamps provide ultimate flexibility, they function WITH and WITHOUT your existing ballast. You decide!

Discover OEO Lighting Solutions LED Light Bulbs

Welcome to OEO Lighting Solutions, your premier source for high-quality industrial LED light bulbs. Whether you're upgrading an office or industrial space, our LED replacement bulbs are designed to exceed your expectations in energy efficiency and performance.

Superior LED Technology With Our LED Commercial Light Bulbs

At OEO, we offer a wide range of LED bulbs including LED tube lights, LED replacement bulbs, industrial LED light bulbs, and commercial LED light bulbs. Our products are engineered to deliver exceptional brightness and clarity, perfect for industrial lighting and commercial settings alike. With options like high bay lights and flood lights, we cater to diverse LED lighting needs ensuring optimal visibility and energy savings.

Benefits of OEO LED Bulbs

Switching to OEO LED bulbs not only enhances illumination but also reduces energy consumption significantly. Our bulbs are Energy Star certified, guaranteeing efficiency and sustainability. Whether you need LED strip lights or LED warehouse lighting, we have the perfect outdoor or indoor lighting solution.

When to Use LED Bulbs

Our LED bulbs are ideal for various settings such as warehouses, factories, retail spaces, and outdoor environments like parking lots and sports arenas. The color temperature options ensure you achieve the desired ambiance while energy-saving features help lower operational costs.

Why Choose OEO Lighting Solutions?

OEO is committed to innovation and quality. Our LED bulbs not only illuminate spaces effectively but also contribute to a greener environment.  Explore our range of wall lights, parking lot lights, LED light fixtures, and more to experience the difference with OEO Lighting Solutions.