OEO EZ LED - Super Mini | Ballast Compatible AND Ballast Bypass | Replaces 100W-250W Metal Halide / HPS

  • Newest technology - one product, two options
  • Ballast compatible, "plug-n-play" for fastest upgrade
  • OR ballast bypass, eliminate ballast maintenance forever
  • LED replacement for 100-250W HID, 400-700W incadescent, or 300-500W halogen lamps
  • Great for commercial recessed downlights
Typically ships within 24 hours
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Easy replacement of 100-250W HID lamps, 400-700W incadescent, or 300-500W quartz halogen lamps.  A perfect solution for areas like recessed cans in soffit and canopies. Equal brightness up to 250W metal halides, 450W incandescents or 300W halogens. This versatile product is simultaneously ballast compatible (Type A) and line voltage 120-277v compatible (Type B). Separately, E26/E39 base adapters available if needed. For use indoors, or outdoors in enclosed fixtures - great for decorative post top lighting. Also available with motion sensing capability or bluetooth network controls.


  • Ballast compatible and ballast bypass lamp
  • 28 watt | 4,000 lumen and 45 watt | 7,000 lumen options
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Superior optical distribution provides optimal light level and and increased energy savings
  • 25% more lumens on target
  • Reduce energy consumption by 50-75%
  • Robust design for harsh conditions
  • Passive heat sink for dusty, dirty environments
  • Long life LED: 50,000 hrs; 5 year warranty
  • Low glare optic design
  • Optional reflector for outdoor post top applications
  • DLC 5.1, rebate eligible (45W, E39 base only)
  • Occupancy and daylight harvesting option
  • Bluetooth control option


  • Can Lights / Recessed Lighting
  • Hotels
  • Ballrooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Welding Shops
  • Churches
  • Atriums
  • Airport Concourse
  • Post Top Fixtures


The EZ LED Super Mini lamp enables direct replacement of 100-250W HID, 400-700W incadescent, or 300-500W quartz halogen lamps. It enables easy replacement of difficult to reach areas such as HID recessed cans in soffit canopies. Unscrew the existing lamp and screw in this light source. It eliminates labor intensive retrofit kits. This product is engineered to outperform high end dedicated fixtures and is protected by three patents.

For example, optics with low glare continues to be an Achilles heel of even expensive fixtures. This product's patent-penting integral optics eliminate glare to very low UGR<15 while producing a highly-optimized optical distribution that increases lumen on target efficiency by 35%. Anotehr 30% efficiency improvement is seen when operating in recessed cans as the integral optics eliminate the external reflector losses. 

This highly versatile product is simultaneously ballast compatible (Type A) and line voltage 100-288VAC compatible (Type B). It will operate at full output power upto 122 degrees Farenheit ambient temperature outside of the fixture. Above these temperatures, the intelligent driver will dim the light to reduce heat and maintain temperature in order to assure reliability.

This is the only product that has a full UL listing for operation with any type of magnetic ballast (HPS, MH, MV) as well as universal line voltage. It is also compatible with probe start, pulse start, constant wattage auto-transformers (CWA) or reactive ballast types. The heat sink design eliminates the need for a fan, thus ensuring reliability. The modular design enables field upgrades to optional occupancy / daylight sensor or Bluetooth wireless communication. Applications include recessed can soffits and low bays such as retail, houses of worship, manufacturing, warehouses or parking garages.


5 year warranty
  • Product: LED Lamp
  • Powered By: 110-277V or Operable Ballast
  • Wattage: 28W | 45W
  • Lumens: 4,000 LM | 7,000 LM
  • Operating Temp: -40°F to 122°F enclosed; -40°F to 149°F open
  • Beam Angle: 90°
  • Type: A/B - Hybrid
  • Fixture Type: See Spec Sheet
  • Base: E39 | Mogul
  • Base: E26 | Medium

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