They work great; and by financing the rest over the next year, you helped me avoid hitting my budget all at once. Very bright with no start-up delay.. very impressive!"
Lawrence J. – Petersburg, VA
Greg, the 10 EZ LED bulbs made a vast improvement. I can't believe how much more light is generated from the LED's versus the halide bulbs; the plant no longer looks like a dungeon! We can actually see what we’re doing without having to set up additional light sources.
Paul M. – Yuma, AZ
EZ LEDs are installed and working great. The light output is significantly better than metal halide bulbs, I can’t believe it!!"
Mariah B. – Carrollton, TX
Mary Jo, thank you for sending the bulbs so quickly. What a huge difference they made! No more ballast buzz and no shadows."
Ed S. – Fort Meyers, FL
I recently ordered 6 LED replacement bulbs from you for my shop with 400w metal halide fixtures.  I installed them last weekend.  GOOD GRIEF!!! These things are awesome!!!  I rarely take the time to recognize a product, but these are exceptional.  Thank you for your professionalism, service and a great product."
Rod P. – Bellingham, WA
I needed help convincing my boss we needed new lamps in the plant... after I told OEO this, they shared helpful documents to present and share with my boss. He loved the idea of saving $1,000s each year, and we now have 50+ OEO EZ LED's in the warehouse." 
Sheryl M. – San Diego, CA
Mary Jo, I had a bit of anxiety throughout this LED change, for I was just a little unsure how good the outcome could/would be. I went into this thinking it would just be energy savings; which should be quite good in itself, but the bulbs you helped select are certainly an upgrade from what we had. So, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the help. These OEO Hybrid bulbs appear to be a great choice. Having the ability to bypass wire made this upgrade a success. Nearly 20% of the replacements had to be bypassed, and since we had varying models of fixtures, nearly each one was somewhat of an adventure. Again, thank you for your part in making this upgrade a success. It looks like we have a bright future ahead (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun)!"
Michael M. – Butner, NC
Thanks for the lights!! Our regional VP visited the plant and it was the very first comment he made upon entering the plant. He wants the remaining lights changed ASAP and info to share with other plants!"
Amanda K. – Mount Zion, IL
The new OEO LED lights were a direct replacement for 400w and 175w metal halides. I should be able to realize some significant energy savings both directly from operating costs and also indirectly with less A/C costs in the summer. While, the upfront costs of the bulbs are more, their projected service life is significantly longer than ordinary filament bulbs. I hope to recoup my investment through the energy savings and lower utility bills. Overall, I like the brightness better too. I have learned a lot in the process and thought I would share. I can recommend doing business with OEO and Mary Jo. She is very knowledgeable with her suggestions and sent me different bulbs to try until I found the right ones."
Irvin B. – Culpepper, VA
Our test lamps are installed and I’m excited to change out all the fixtures. We will not return these for credit! With the four test lamps installed, our amp draw was reduced to keep the circuit breakers from popping. A total replacement will be a huge savings!!"
Suzie L. – Wichita, KS
You weren’t lying. I love the light spread. The brightness is amazing and perfect for us. You were right, they did speak for themselves!"
Troy M. – Scottsdale, AZ
I have to brag on your lights, just put 3 of the 5 up tonight, can't believe the difference, made it look like daylight in my warehouse, will put the other two up this week. Thanks for advice to put up the model that I have"
Wayne S. – Middleton, TX