High Bay LED Lamps

We offer a wide selection of High Bay LED Lamps to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Available as Type A, ballast compatible direct replacement LEDs; Type B, ballast bypass direct wire LED; Type A/B, hybrid (will function with or without your existing ballast). LED replacements for metal halide lamps and sodium lights make upgrading your legacy lighting system as simple as changing bulbs. Choose from our selection of mogul base HID replacement bulbs: 250 watt metal halide equivalent LED, 400 watt metal halide equivalent LED, 750 watt metal halide equivalent LED, 1000 watt metal halide equivalent LED, or 1500 watt metal halide equivalent LED. Watch our short demo video to see how simple it is to use LED replacement bulbs for metal halide fixtures.

OEO LED High Bay Lamps: Superior Lighting Solutions

Discover OEO Lighting Solutions' superior high bay lamps designed to illuminate industrial and commercial spaces with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Cutting-Edge LED Technology

Our high bay light bulbs and lamps feature advanced LED high bay and linear high bay lights options, including UFO high bay lights and LED linear high bay fixtures. These products deliver exceptional brightness and significant energy savings, perfect for high bay lighting in warehouses, factories, and other commercial settings. With adjustable beam angles, our high bay LED lamp fixtures ensure tailored lighting solutions for diverse environments.

Benefits of OEO’s Metal Halide LED Replacement Lights

Switching to OEO’s LED light replacements for metal halides guarantees substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Built for longevity and durability, our LED high bay lights provide consistent performance in demanding settings such as sports arenas and stadiums. Ideal for high ceilings and expansive areas like warehouses and parking lots, these indoor lighting solutions are great for enhancing visibility in any workplace.

When to Use High Bay Lamps

OEO high bay lamps are ideal for industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail, where superior LED lighting is crucial for operations. Whether you need flood lights or linear high bay light fixtures, our lamps ensure optimal illumination across large spaces.

Choose OEO Lighting Solutions

With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, OEO sets the standard for quality in high bay lighting. Explore our range today and experience the difference with our efficient, durable high bay lamps tailored to meet your industrial and commercial LED lighting needs.