Is it really as simple as changing a light bulb?

YES! Our EZ LED technology is designed to work with your existing ballast. Simply plug-n-play.

Am I better off bypassing the ballast?

It depends. We offer plug-n-play  (Type A) and ballast bypass (Type B) versions, plus a Hybrid Series that works either way. The ballast does act as a surge protector, so there are benefits to keeping it in place. The advantage of removing the ballast is an additional 5-10% energy savings.

Will the EZ LED work if my ballast fails?

In many cases, the ballast failure is a result of the ignitor failing. Since the EZ LED does not rely on this component, it will still operate as long as the transformer and capacitors are working.

Does the EZ LED work in enclosed fixtures?

OEO offers many LEDs with varying features. We have more product options if you can leave the lens cover off the bottom of your fixtures and we do offer models designed for fully enclosed fixtures.

Can I test out your LED's?

YES! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so we make it E-Z for you to test the products before you commit to a full upgrade. It is recommended to try four units in a 2×2 grid pattern so you can better evaluate brightness and light spread in your own facility.

How quick will these pay off?

It depends on hours of operation and your utility kWh rate. We offer a free ROI analysis to help you evaluate the options. Typically it’s about 1 year, but it can be a lot less with utility rebates.

How much does the EZ LED cost?

We have a lot of different options to offer, and your answers to a few questions help us to find the right LED that will work in your application. We want to hone in on the right product before quoting prices.

How many watts will I save?

It depends on which LED replacement you choose. For example, with our most popular EZ LED, a 400w metal halide decreases to 150w LED, or 63% energy savings draw.

My 400w metal halide says 36,000 lumens, why is your LED so much less?

You typically need about 1/3 of the lumens on an LED to get the same visual output as a metal halide to your work area. This has to do with the way light is delivered from the lamps.

Metal halides look so bright when they're new, but they have a different color now. Does that happen with your LED?

NO. Metal halides depreciate about 30% in the first 6 months, but our EZ LEDs have an “L70 rating”, meaning at 50,000 hours they still have at least 70% of the brightness as on the first installation day. This gives you more consistent and brighter light over many years.

Doesn't the ballast consume a lot of power? How am I saving electric when it's still in play?

Once you switch to LED the ballast factor will nearly be cut in half, depending on your ballast and LED. Also, since the EZ LED draws a lot less power than HID’s and operates at 90% cooler temps, the life of the ballast is extended significantly.

Will I have to change ballasts if I choose the EZ LED direct replacement?

NO. With the large drop in wattage the ballast isn’t working as hard to operate the new EZ LED. The LED’s do not use the ignitor in the ballast- it’s usually the weak link in ballast failure- so if that fails the EZ LED keeps on working. If you’re worried about the other ballast components failing, just buy the EZ LED Hybrid!

What is the difference between your LED and the corncob I found online?

Corncob LEDs are not designed for high bay application. The distribution of light shoots out all the sides and not down where you need it. The EZ LED is designed for high bay manufacturing and warehouses since it delivers the light to your work areas.

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