Why You Will Never Return Your LED Lighting

Why You Will Never Return Your LED Lighting

By Leah • Oct 29th 2018

Making the change to LED lighting might take some consideration. Every new investment has its risks. For example, with lighting your bulbs and fixtures will not run out all at the same time, so there may be a certain concern about waste.

Fortunately, with advancements in production techniques, incentives to use greener power (whether at industry or government level) and an ever increasing affordability of LED technology, the risk gets slimmer every day. Taking the step to a brighter future with LED has never been easier and here's why you won't be turning around after you do so.

LED Lighting is Perfect for your Industry

In commercial properties, there are many different lighting requirements. Not only do you need to illuminate large industrial spaces, but you need to ensure that the specific lighting needs in the different parts of these large spaces are accommodated. Whether this means you need an appropriate range of light spectrum to see in paper processing plants or hardy fixtures to withstand heat pollution in steel mills, LED lighting is there for you.

The versatility of LED lighting means it can be adapted to these different needs. They will reach the amount of lumens needed almost instantaneously and they can be incorporated into automated systems to reduce waste. This is unlike high intensity discharge bulbs which take more time to turn on and use more energy once they are.

LED Lighting Saves Energy

It is not just physical space which can lay demands on your lighting requirements. The type of industry will require you to create environments which make production run smoothly. Such efficiency is uniquely catered to by LED lighting

For example, if you are in a business which uses refrigeration units, you will know the importance of temperature. Keeping your product cold and illuminated at the same time means using bulbs like HIDs or florescent lamps is counterproductive. The amount of electrical energy they use for light emission is far from 100%. Instead, much is used in excess heat energy and other waste. This means you need more power to run them and it puts further strain on temperature regulation systems.

LED lighting wastes very little electricity in heat energy. Its fundamental technology harnesses as much energy as possibly for its desired purpose. The result for you is better quality light which manages to save money in the process.

LED Lighting is Safer

Without the use of hazardous gasses (such as mercury), bulbs with metal halide compounds and less robust bulbs and fixtures, LED lighting is a safer option for you and your workforce. They will not shatter, they can withstand intense industrial environments and the type of light they produce is better for you.

While it was true at one stage LED lighting was unable to produce the kind of white light needed for some work environments, this is no longer the case. Phosphate lenses are used to filter the blue light and emit only a beautiful spectrum of white light. This better synchronizes with the human circadian rhythm, resulting in a healthier work environment for staff at all levels.

For the above reasons and many more, LED lighting is cheaper, more energy efficient and of better quality than its outdated rivals. OEO is so sure of this fact, they offer test sampling to commercial clients with zero risk. Get in touch today to witness for yourself.