How LED Lighting Can Improve Your Parking Garages

How LED Lighting Can Improve Your Parking Garages

By Leah • Aug 28th 2018

Parking garages are large indoor spaces which can vary in number of tiers, but all have similar requirements when it comes to lighting. These multi-storey spaces need to be compact, efficient, safe and, perhaps obviously, well-lit.

High density discharge bulbs have previously been a good option to meet the unique requirements of a parking garage. However, advancements in LED technology means there's a better, safer and cheaper way to do things.

What Type of Bulb Works for Parking Garages

While a lot of the uses for our OEO bulbs boast brightness and quality in high-ceilinge industrial environments, this does not mean we don't also provide stellar low-lighting options. High-bay lighting has its own particular advantages, just as do our low-bay options.

For example, we have the OEO EZ LED VERSA HYBRID GLB. This low-bay lighting option is perfect for the low-ceilinged requirements of a parking garage which need to fit as many levels as comfort and safety allow. With a 110V to 227V input voltage, the lumens reading is 6,100 LM meaning your brightness requirements are going to be well met.

Previously, installation fees and initial hardware costs for HID and metal halide replacements were prohibitive. Now, the initial costings are essentially equivalent. With the VERSA HYBRID, you also get the option of a ballast bypass or a plug-and-play direct replacement. This means you don't have any upfront electrician costs and making the switch doesn't mean you need new fixtures. These bulbs also work great for both open or closed fixtures.

Savings for Your Garage with LED

Once you are up and running, however, the savings really become apparent. These bulbs will give you a speedy return on investment with up to 70% savings in energy costs. These bulbs will provide 50,000 hours of light without experiencing the lumen depreciation common to HID Bulbs. Not only that but you will have a 5 year warranty to make your investment secure.

The energy efficiency means your bills will be much lower month to month, saving you potentially hundred of dollars per lighting fixture. You also have mercury free bulbs which are also both UV and infrared radiation free.

Safety is Paramount with LED

An important way you can save money is with motion sensor capability, something HIDs cannot offer. This is because high intensity discharge lamps require time for the gases and meta compounds to heat up and provide the intensity of their namesake.

With LED lighting, motion sensors can be attached to your fixtures and only be turned on when needed. This is especially important for unmanned areas such as parking garages. You will need some standalone lighting, mainly for car safety purposes. However, much of the lighting for walkways and passenger connections don't need their lighting to be on 24/7. Also, if there is natural light during the day, you don't need to switch lights on and off manually.

Importantly, parking garages can be places where people's safety is compromised. This is because of the relative lack of people and enclosed environment. LED lighting with motion sensors means people can feel safer and always be illuminated. This means crime is deterred as well as having better lighting to ensure there are no accidents with the vehicle. Poorly lit parking garages can lead to serious accidents if people cannot see pedestrians going to and from their vehicles.

LED lighting for parking garages can also be used for uplighting and provide different types of warmth for different environments. It will do all this without compromising on quality and by saving you money.