How LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Gym

How LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Gym

By oeo2018 • Mar 13th 2018

Playing sport can be a great way to get the exercise we need for a long and healthy life. It's not the choice for everyone, but health can't be ignored. When it's hard to stay motivated at home, a place like the gym helps keep you fit even with a busy schedule.


You may not have given it much consideration, but LED lighting isn't just a cost effective way to benefit the gym. It can help you maintain fitness in hidden ways.


How LED Lighting Benefits the Gym


With more and more gyms opening up, especially in busy cities with limited real estate, companies need to find ways to ensure maintenance costs stay down without putting gym membership fees up. LED lighting lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional metal halide bulbs and florescent lighting. With up to 70% savings on energy over these longer lifespans, it is a simple decision to turn to LED lighting.


Their cost effectiveness benefits both customer and gym proprietor, but their energy efficiency means it is not just the member's health which improves. Gyms who are dedicated to the health and well being of their members will want to live in a more energy efficient world which reduces stress on fossil fuels and provides lighting which can be adequately run by renewable energies.


How LED Lighting Benefits Gym Members' Health


Apart from lower fees thanks to savings on the owner's part (although this is highly dependent on the scruples of said owner), LED lighting can benefit gym members in many ways.


The first is the fact that you will want to go to the gym at varying times of the day. Our circadian rhythms derive from the sun's cycle over the course of a 24 period. When we don't get adequate amounts of the right light throughout a day, we can become tired and lose the energy we need to make a gym membership a worthwhile investment.


LED lighting can adapt and be programmed so that it provides the right kind of light at the right time of day. This can be useful for the gym, the atmosphere of which is so important when considering whether it is a quality gym.


Gym Specific LED Lighting


Gyms will have different areas with their own unique lighting needs. Many will have attached sports halls which will need the right kind of light to fill up all that space. While inefficient metal halides may be used, there is a better way. With high bay LED lighting, you can make sure both horizontal and vertical space is filled so that as many shots are made and no one runs too fast into a player they don't see.


Weight lifting rooms will need to have the right kind of brightness which can be adequately taken care of with LED lighting. What's more, LED lighting can turn itself on and off immediately with sensors. This means unused gym areas at quiet times can save energy. It also means that theft and any assault issues can be reduced thanks to adequate lighting.


Finally, many gyms will have water facilities such as steam rooms, spas and swimming pools. LED lighting is tough, safe and programmable so that these water lighting needs can be met while still saving you money. LED lighting helps you help yourself at the gym.