OEO Super High Bay is passively cooled for harsh conditions. Our special batwing optics are designed to eliminate glare and deliver previously wasted lumens to the target, resulting in 1.6x higher illumination in center and 2x higher at the edges; you’ll get better light level at your work area.


Higher Brightness LED Chips Mean More Light Output with Less Wattage Draw

Longer life, Better Dependable Light without Fast Depreciation

Heavy Duty Construction Designed for Challenging Environments

Rebate Incentives Lower Net Investment: Fast ROI Payback

Reduce Material and Maintenance Costs over 50,000 Hours

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Outstanding Brightness: 130+ Lumens per Watt

Save 70% on Energy Consumption

50,000 Hours, L70 for Long Life

DLC Listed: Rebate Eligible

5 Year Warranty, No Worries

5,000 K, 70+ CRI

No Mercury or Hazardous Materials


Super HB 105w replaces 250W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium

Super HB 150w replaces 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium




Distribution Centers

Airplane Hangars

Steel Mills

Paper Mills

Textile Factory

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