What are the Benefits of LED Panel Lighting?

What are the Benefits of LED Panel Lighting?

By Leah • Oct 19th 2018

One of the most important aspects of LED lighting is one we often don't consider. They are one of the most compact lighting sources available. High intensity discharge bulbs like the metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs many industries still use need space within them to provide their light. LEDs are much more economical when it comes to space, providing much greater amount of lumens (measurement of light) per watt. This compactibility means you can fit more light sources into a smaller area. This is one of the many reasons LED panel lighting is growing in popularity.

What are LED Panel Lights?

Unlike a single bulb, a panel light uses a combination of LEDs to create an evenly distributed light source. Even distribution is one of its key factors and some people use them to replace long tube style florescent lighting fixtures.

What are the Advantages of LED Panel Lighting?

LED panel lights are a relatively new technology and it is safe to say their potential is yet to be fully realized. As the industry develops, the uses of LED panel lighting will expand. However, already they are well-known for their advantages over florescent and high intensity discharge competitors. The benefits of this kind of lighting include:

  • Impeccable light quality: with the even distribution of light, it is no wonder these lighting fixtures are becoming more prevalent. But it is not just the spread of light which makes them beneficial, but the quality, brightness and color of luminescence. The OEO EDGE panel lighting fixture, for example, provides an impressive 130 lumens per watt.

  • Light lasts longer: there are metal halide bulbs which have great light quality, but the way they are constructed means this quality diminishes over time. This phenomenon is known as lumen depreciation and LED lighting has much less of it. The edge has a 90,000 hour life span with an L70 lumen maintenance rating. It is qualities like these which mean we can provide a 5 year warranty without worry.

  • Saves energy: as with all LED lighting, the greater energy efficiency of these type of bulbs mean they are one of the greenest technologies out there. They will not lost as much energy to heat as HIDs and use much less electricity to bulbs of superior light quality.

  • Saves money: another important factor of this type of lighting technology is that using less energy saves you more money. With ever reducing production costs and government mandated incentives, it has never been a better time to invest.

  • Different fixtures: LED panel lighting can be affixed to one place or the fixtures can be used in pendant lighting or other mounting options if you want to direct the light in a particular area.

  • Durability: the OEO EDGE High Temperature LED panel light is one of the most durable lighting fixtures you can buy. It is able to withstand heat, liquid pollution and physical trauma. Without glass casings, these panel lights are much more durable making them ideal for steel mills, processing plants or welding plants

Disadvantages of LED Panel Lighting

Unlike our plug and play direct replacement bulbs, LED panel lighting is a new fixture in itself. This means you will need to have the right people install them and are not as easy as some of the individual bulbs we have to offer. Also, they are not the best for certain high bay facilities, so you may want to consider a bulb such as our OEO 1K ULTRA SERIES. However, while panel lighting has disadvantages over other types of LED lighting solutions, they are incredibly useful when implemented correctly and still beat their non-LED rivals.