The Cost of Doing Nothing

The Cost of Doing Nothing

By oeo2018 • Apr 18th 2018

While there may be many hidden overheads in the day to day running of your business, some costs are obvious. If you own or manage an industrial workspace, then it is easy to see that a large space means a large cost of upkeep. As these cost mount up, it can seem like there is nothing you can do but continue to cut into your profit as a business. In terms of lighting, there is at least one thing you can do to keep costs reasonable.


Cost Effectiveness of LED Lighting


It is both understandable and unreasonable that LED lighting has the reputation of being prohibitively expensive. It is understandable because at one stage, it was. When the technology for both personal and industrial use LED bulbs was in its infancy, the cost of manufacture was great. This meant so too was the purchase price.


However, it is unreasonable for this reputation to remain as since at least as long ago as 2014, costs have radically dropped. While still higher than many other types of bulb such as halogen, compact florescent or metal halide, they are no longer unattainable for your budget. As LED lighting dropped to up to 90% cheaper than previous years in 2015, bulbs are now able to be purchased at very reasonable rates.


Why Changing to LED Saves You Money


If you have not yet made the change to LED lighting, then there are considerations you should make. While the initial purchase of LED lighting is going down, the money they save you over their lifetime is as good as ever.


LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy than more traditional bulbs like CFLs. This means the initial investment you make when purchasing the bulbs will reap dividends the next time you have to purchase replacements.


The US government also provides reason why it is going to cost you to do nothing when it comes to lighting. They offer tax reductions for qualified energy efficient commercial properties which can help you with both initial investment as well as long term overheads.


Why Doing Nothing Can Harm More Than Just Your Pocket


If you do not decide to change update your lighting to LED, then you face other problems. If you have a warehouse or any other industrial space such as a mill, then you will know that these spaces need to be lit accordingly. Another misconception with LED lighting is that replacing current bulbs means replacing current fixtures.



However, with direct replacement bulbs, this is no longer a concern. To replace metal halide bulbs, OEO has a range of great products which boast much longer lifetimes, 5 year warranties, greater light distribution for high bay lighting and greater efficiency. All of this can be had with direct replacements which doesn’t add more to your bill.


Doing nothing can also be a health risk. Having to change bulbs more in industrial spaces provides the practical problem of having to replace them. With LEDs you will do this much less often, meaning decreased risk. With the improvement LED can have on the mood of a worker, this means less strain, healthier work environments and increased productivity.


These benefits for saving and safety means doing nothing is unwise for both your bank account and your well-being. Read our article on these benefits to find out more.