LED Lighting for Airplane Hangars

LED Lighting for Airplane Hangars

By oeo2018 • Apr 16th 2018

Industrial lighting has so many considerations, it can be difficult to keep track. Whether you are handling sensitive materials or the sheer scale of your operations boggles the mind, you need to make sure all of these considerations are met lest the whole thing comes apart. This could mean the loss of your business. With an industry as meticulous as aeronautics, it could even mean the loss of life.

This is why we look at how LED lighting are so useful in airplane hangars, so that we can see where savings and safety can really make a difference.

Size and Scope

Of course the size of flying vehicle may vary, but any airplane hangar which needs to accommodate a wide range of aircraft will have size on its side. This vast space comes with many issues in terms of lighting, some more obvious than others.

The issue with vast airplane hangar spaces is that you need to light the space for every occasion. If you have a warehouse space, then you won't necessarily be working on small parts (other than to read labels). This means you can use strip LED lighting to fill in the spaces between shelves.

For hangars, you need to fill all of the space, but LED lighting is there to help you too. High bay lighting is able to provide strong enough brightness to make it fill both the vertical and horizontal space.

They do so with angle lenses, which also have another important factor. They spread the light evenly. This means you can reduce glare so that you can work on the plane at high levels without having to blind your workers or turn down the lighting, which could interrupt other work. For planes especially, aircraft often need repairs high up which means even light distribution is important. It also means when they are working on the fuselage below, workers can still work safely and accurately.

Safety in Airplane Hangars

Safety in these environments can't be undervalued. The work an engineer does on the ground maintains the safety of all the passengers in the air. Being able to see so that no mistakes are made is imperative and improper lighting can be an indirect cause.

With LED lighting not only can you control the type and intensity of light in your hangar, their durability and energy efficiency are second to none. Up to 70% more energy efficient, LED lighting does not suffer lumen depreciation like florescent or halogen bulbs. This means they last longer and don't need to be replaced as often.

They also can provide different types of light at different times of the day. For safety, this means matching the circadian rhythm of your workers and helping to prevent accidents.

Adaptability of LED Lighting

If you have a new facility, LED lighting is going to save you money right from the beginning. As production costs drop and there is a proliferation of government subsidies which value LED lighting on a macro level, they are no longer prohibitively expensive.

If you are inheriting an aircraft hangar or want to update your current one to reduce overheads, LED lighting can also help. While metal halides have been useful in the past, they simply can't compete with cost effectiveness and efficiency. This is why direct replacement bulbs like the OEO EZ LED 1K Ultra series can really help. They are direct replacement for metal halides, require no ballast bypass and don't even need an electrician to install. With a 50,000 hour lifespan and a 5 year warranty, they are perfect for many spaces, airplane hangars not the least of them.