Is High-Bay LED Lighting for you?

Is High-Bay LED Lighting for you?

By oeo2018 • Mar 9th 2018

We discuss all kinds of LED lighting here at OEO. Their multiple-functionality and high adaptability for any environment means new purposes are increasingly being discovered. While this can be exciting new for home and small business owners, the larger the scale, the bigger the rewards.


This is why we take a look at high bay LED lighting and why it might be good for your business.


What is High Bay LED Lighting


High bay LED lighting is simple to define, but its applications need a little consideration, especially if you are deciding whether they will work for your business. High bay lighting is lighting designed to shine brightly in a large space. This space is usually that which is over 20' (6m) high.


However, high ceilings are not the only consideration to make. It is not only the vertical space you need to fill, but the horizontal space. This means providing even coverage which does not provide dark spots or make other sections too bright to function.


20' is about as low as you want to go on the spectrum. This is why low bay lights are useful for some areas such as restaurants or parking garages. You wouldn't want light so bright you blind someone every time it reflects off your dinner knife.



Key Components of High Bay LED Lighting


The reason why high bay LED lighting is so useful is partly due to lens angles. These angles filter the light and allow it to be spread over a wide area without depreciating the strength and quality. This means providing a lot of light for a large space.


However, this is not the reason why you will want to change to high bay LED lighting. Some florescent lighting and metal halide lights also provide decent lighting for large spaces. Why LED lighting for high bay lights is so revolutionary is the savings it creates for both business owner and the community at large.


Creating this much light for voluminous spaces means high wattage (often 400 W or more). With LED high bay lighting, the same wattage will go a lot further. This means you can lessen the amount that you need and still cover the same area.


LED high bay lights also save you a lot of money, up to 70% over metal halide and florescent lighting fixtures. If you are in an industry which requires high bay lighting, you will know that any savings can go a long way when you consider the amount of energy required for your business. When the savings are this big, it can really be a game changer.


The longer lasting life for LED lighting also means savings, but the low energy output compared to other bulbs means it is better for the environment. You also don't have to risk welfare as much, as you replace them less often. Their ability to provide better quality light at a higher distance keeps them away from dirt and chemicals which may be used in any production going on underneath.


Which Industries Benefit from High Bay Lighting


Essentially if you want to benefit from LED high bay lighting, you need a big space. Industrial warehouses, factories, mills, municipal facilities, indoor sports stadium and many more industries can be better off with higher quality light at a lower price. Check out this article on specifics of how LED lighting can benefit the steel industry to find out more.