3 Ways LED Lighting Transforms Educational Environments for Better Learning

3 Ways LED Lighting Transforms Educational Environments for Better Learning

May 9th 2024

Light is fundamental to human well-being and educational success. In the realm of education, the impact of lighting extends far beyond mere visibility. Modern LED lighting solutions, equipped with features like Bluetooth controls, offer dynamic lighting that can significantly enhance cognitive functions and mood, directly impacting student learning and performance.

1. Enhanced Cognitive and Academic Performance

LED lighting provides a "flicker-free" experience and simulates natural daylight, which helps minimize eye strain and headaches, enhancing student concentration and cognitive function. This improved lighting quality supports various academic activities by boosting attention levels, working speed, and overall productivity. By aligning with natural circadian rhythms, LED lighting in classrooms can also elevate mood and motivation, essential for effective learning and language acquisition.

2. Significant Energy and Cost Savings

LED lighting is a hallmark of energy efficiency, offering substantial cost savings—both immediate and long-term. Schools like Post Falls School District have witnessed dramatic reductions in energy consumption (321,654.44 kWh saved) along with considerable financial rebates ($90,800), showcasing the direct financial benefits of transitioning to LED technology. These savings enhance the institution's ability to invest in further educational tools and sustainability initiatives.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs and Sustainability

LEDs exceed traditional lighting solutions in longevity and durability, which translates to lower maintenance costs and fewer disruptions. This reliability is crucial for maintaining consistent educational activities and is an integral part of sustainable facility management. By reducing the frequency of replacements, LED lighting also contributes to environmental sustainability, lessening waste and resource consumption.

Customer Testimonials

"Working with OEO has been great. They have made this process very easy for us. With a rebate of $90,800 and a reduction of 321,654.44 kWh in energy consumption, the savings have certainly made an impact in our district, and the reduced maintenance has enabled our team to focus our time on other projects." – Adam Lundwall, Post Falls School District

"Everything was effortless during our experience with OEO. They gave us exactly what we needed, and took care of all the details in order to get us the array products we needed to upgrade our school district. OEO and their professional sales team were able to provide us with incredible rebates and the right product at the right price. We couldn't be more satisfied with the service, the quality products, and of course, the annual savings." – Joe Ratliff, Director of Operations, Genoa Kingston School District 424

Additional Results

  • St. Francis de Sales School and Ministry Center reported monthly energy savings of $2,400, and an elimination of $1,000/month previously spent on ballasts and lamps. Classrooms and hallways are now notably brighter with a cleaner look.
  • Heritage School District received $112,500 in rebates for upgrading to 5,000 tubes and 100 fixtures.
  • Next Generation School received $50,000 for 1,800 tubes and about 50 fixtures, enhancing their educational environment.
  • Promise Academy upgraded 2,500 tubes and 35 fixtures for their gymnasium, improving both the learning spaces and physical education facilities.
  • Baltimore Public School System has been a customer since 2017, continually benefiting from upgraded LED lighting solutions.

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