5 Places in Schools that Need LED Lighting

5 Places in Schools that Need LED Lighting

By oeo2018 • Mar 16th 2018

LED lighting benefits home and business in similar ways, but there are some which need these benefits more than others. These are places which don't necessarily work for profit and rely on funding for upgrades and general maintenance of their premises.


With schools, this couldn't be more important. Not only does saving money on energy in schools reduce overheads, it opens up funding for the most important thing: the student's future.


The Classroom


Perhaps the only unexpendable room in a school is the place where learning happens. With competition for college increasing as well continuing pressures from the modern world, kids have it tough. They can tire easily and strain under heavy workloads.


LED lighting can help by creating an atmosphere which provides the right light at a particular time of day. It helps the kids stay in the right circadian rhythm as well keep energy levels up during particularly slow history classes.


The Hallway


While the learning goes on in the classroom, a lot of the action goes on in the hallway. Keeping kids safe as they run between class and potentially come into hazards isn't always easy.


LED lighting which lasts longer and doesn't depreciate in luminosity as easily as florescent bulbs or metal halides, means these areas can be properly lit to keep kids safe. Motion sensors also means they can be lit only when in use and save money between classes when they are not needed.


Sports Hall


For more studious kids, the classroom might be where they shine. For many, it is sports practice where they really get some enjoyment or at least release from educational pressures. With high ceilings and a need to fill up a lot of space, lighting can be an issue.


High bay LED lighting allows both the horizontal and vertical spaces to be filled equally, especially when incorporating angled lenses. They can also be programmed to be used for sporting events (if your high school is at a sufficiently high competitive level).




Sports halls are not the only high ceiling spaces in schools. Cafeterias also often need to fill a lot of space with light so all the students can eat in safety. However, there are additional specific needs to consider.


For cold storage and hot kitchens, school cafeterias need rooms which can stand the heat as well as the cold. LED lighting thrives under atmospheric temperature changes and their durable exteriors means the lights stay bright, even under these often adverse conditions. Durability means savings for both money and energy, setting a good standard of energy efficiency for the students.



Faculty Room


While the student's future is the reason we have schools in the first place, they will come to serious detriment if the teachers aren't also in the right frame of mind. For staff, the faculty lounge is where they can decompress from their own pressures and regroup to go back into the educational fray.


LED lighting helps make these places where teachers can relax, work on lesson plans and regain their focus during stressful periods. They can also reap the benefits of cost efficiency and use savings for the much needed teaching aids and supplies which make their jobs more effective.


With just 5 of the places in schools which can benefit from LED lighting, it's hard to think of areas which can't see improvement. While indirect, quality lighting can help provide quality education.