The New Tradition LED is the best way for you to upgrade to new LED fixtures, yet keep options to upgrade this SAME fixture in the future with newer technology.This fixture LOOKS traditional with a dome, but you CHOOSE which ULTRA LED to install in it. After 60,000 hours, you can upgrade the LED into this same fixture/driver… no more full fixture change-outs; no more electricians.


Buy This Fixture NOW; Just Upgrade/Don’t Replace LATER

High Brightness LED is More Efficient

Longer Life, Better Dependable Light without Fast Depreciation

Rebate Incentives Lower Net Investment: Fast ROI Payback

Reduce Material and Maintenance Costs over 60,000+ Hours

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Upgradeable Fixture

Terrific Brightness: 125 Lumens per Watt

Choose Lumen Package 19,500-26,000 lumens

Save Money Later with Simple LED Lamp Change

Save 70% on Energy Consumption

60,000 Hours, L70 for Long Life

DLC Listed: Rebate Eligible

Fixture and Driver have 10 Year Warranty

5,000 K, 80+ CRI



New Tradition LED is customizable, replaces 400w Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium




Airplane Hangars

Manufacturing and Warehouses

Retail Stores


Auto Dealerships

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