Enhance your Parking Lot Poles and Exterior Building Lighting with an Upgrade to LED:

Use the OEO EZ LED VERSA HYBRID SBWP to replace your Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs in Shoe Box and Wall Packs. It’s Ballast Compatible AND Ballast Bypass so you can upgrade your current existing exterior fixtures. “One Product/Two Options: YOU DECIDE!” The OEO EZ LED VERSA HYBRID saves 70% in energy costs simply by “changing bulbs” or a simple ballast bypass for 110-277v line voltage use. Improve the lighting and savings in shoe box and wall packs, providing security in your parking lots, entrance doors and receiving docks at your business, warehouse, hotel, school or church property.


One product/Two modes of operation: Ballast Compatible or Ballast Bypass

Quickest way to upgrade to LED: Simply Screw In; NO Re-Wiring

Save MORE energy and ELIMINATE ballast maintenance: Wire direct 110-277v

Fast ROI Payback

Smaller fit for tight fixtures

Reduce labor and material costs due to long life





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Save 70% on energy consumption

50,000 hours

5 year warranty

Directional light saves energy, Type V

5,000 K

70-85 CRI

Horizontal or Vertical Mounting


OEO Versa Hybrid SBWP30: replaces 100w HID lamps

OEO Versa Hybrid SBWP50: replaces 175w HID lamps

OEO Versa Hybrid SBWP110: replaces 400w HID lamps



Parking Lot Shoe Box

Wall Packs

Receiving Docks

Perimeter Security Lighting


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