Why LED Outdoor Lighting is Good for Your Business

Why LED Outdoor Lighting is Good for Your Business

By Leah • May 14th 2019

LED lighting has many benefits for indoor industrial settings. Outdoor lighting requirements and challenges are different, but this doesn't mean LED can't be just as useful in an al fresco environment. Here OEO shows you some of these specific benefits.


LED Saves Money


While there are specific benefits for LED lighting in outside areas, let's not forget it has one major bonus for any industry, inside or out. With up to 80% better efficiency than its rival lighting technologies, such as metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium bulbs, LED lighting will save money on monthly bills.


Energy efficiency is one of the reasons why governments across the world are providing incentives for updating to LED technology. Money can be saved, but it's important to also stress energy can be conserved.


LED Prevents Accidents


Even with the virtues of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, commercial properties wouldn't upgrade to LED if the light wasn't good. LED lighting not only provides stronger light for less energy, it provides it at a much enhanced quality.


Many high intensity discharge lamps and florescent lighting have very poor color rendering. Industrial spaces will need motor vehicles to approach the premises, whether for deliveries, workers on their commute or many other reasons. With poor color rendering and less brightness, drivers can miss signs, hit other cars or even hit the building.


The bright white light provided by LED (thanks to phosphor coating on its bulbs) allows for greater clarity over all. Not only do vehicle drivers get the advantage of safety, but pedestrians and passers-by do too.


Having Less Accidents Has Other Benefits


Worker compensation is an important necessity for your business. If an employee's livelihood is taken away by something which wasn't their fault, they deserve recompense. Less accidents saves you money by minimizing both compensation claims and property damage to the outside of the building. It also provides a feeling of greater security in your workers.



LED Reduces Crime


With a better lit outdoor environment, your commercial premises can be better protected. Even if you have security staff employed to scout the premises, poor lighting means they can miss important signs.


Many industries work outside of daylight hours, so their workers are vulnerable to crime on their way to the premises. Better lighting simply keeps workers safer as they can see attackers or thieves before they are able to cause harm.


LED Uses Better Technology


Another aspect of LED is that is can be used more creatively. HIDs take time to heat up (wasting electricity via heat energy in the process) and florescent lighting may need time to light. This means they are not great to be used with timers and motion sensors. Additionally, they cannot be programmed as easily.


LED lighting reaches its intended brightness immediately. Motion sensors can make dark parts of the property safer and save money in the process. Programmable lighting systems means the LED can be used for various purposes without having to manually change the settings. For example, deliveries will require different light settings than when the area is unoccupied.


As we are discussing outdoor lighting, the adaptability of LED technology sets it apart. You can use your outdoor spaces for much more and even provide better clarity and quality for work which needs done outside too. This is particularly important for industries such as oil processing plants which have a lot of outside machines and systems. Regardless of your industry, however, LED is there to help make improvements.