Evening News Anchors Stunned: The Surprising Secret Behind Massive Savings and Sustainability!

Evening News Anchors Stunned: The Surprising Secret Behind Massive Savings and Sustainability!

By Tia O'Brien • Apr 17th 2024

In the vibrant landscape of Central Illinois, an extraordinary story emerges from WAND, where the evening news anchors and team have become catalysts for a remarkable journey toward corporate sustainability. At the heart of this narrative is OEO Energy Solutions, an innovator in energy solutions and LED lighting, whose expertise and guidance have been instrumental in leading businesses, including WAND, towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

The Catalyst of Change: Embracing LED Lighting

Guided by the expertise of OEO Energy Solutions and with the visible support of WAND's evening news anchors, the station embarked on a significant project to overhaul their studio lighting with LED technology. This leap forward was not merely a technical upgrade but a strategic move orchestrated by OEO Energy Solutions that spotlighted the potential for enhanced broadcast quality and unprecedented cost savings.

Watch the Video: How WAND Received $6K of FREE LEDs with OEOBreaking News: WAND Received $6K of FREE LEDs with OEO

A Shining Example: WAND's Bold Leap

Under the leadership of WAND's evening news anchors and the support of OEO Energy Solutions, the station embarked on an ambitious project to transition their studio lighting to LED. This move was more than just an upgrade; it was a strategic decision that enhanced the quality of their broadcast while unlocking over $6,000 worth of free commercial LED lighting upgrades and $7,000 saved on annual energy costs.

Beyond Immediate Benefits: The Ripple Effect

The shift at WAND extends beyond the immediate perks of enhanced lighting and reduced operational costs. It has become a compelling narrative that highlights the broader impact of such sustainable practices on the regional business community. The successful transformation at WAND acts as a guiding light, showcasing the tangible benefits of energy efficiency to other businesses.

The Chamber's Endorsement: A Testament to Success

The Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce has lauded this project, emphasizing its impact not only on WAND but also on the broader business community. The Chamber's testimonial highlights the exemplary role of OEO Energy Solutions in fostering a culture of sustainability and efficiency, marking a significant milestone in the region's corporate landscape.

“We have developed a great partnership with OEO Energy Solutions and their ability to assist our members with indoor/outdoor lighting needs. They are committed to helping businesses and organizations optimize savings and their team provides high quality customer service in-person or over the phone.” 
Mirinda Rothrock-President, Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Journey Continues: Leading by Example

The partnership between WAND, OEO Energy Solutions, and the Decatur Regional Chamber of Commerce continues to inspire more businesses to explore the benefits of sustainable practices. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic alliances in fostering community-wide benefits and paving the way toward a sustainable future.

A Call to Action: Inspired by WAND's Evening News Team

This story is more than just a project; it's a movement, inspired by the proactive steps taken by WAND and its evening news anchors. It serves as a call to action for businesses to realize the profound impact that making energy-efficient choices can have on the environment and their financial health. It's a narrative that underscores the importance of sustainable decisions, inspired by the success at WAND.

Contact OEO Energy Solutions today and our team will guide you through the process of how you can join the movement towards sustainability and savings through commercial & industrial LED lighting upgrades.