Benefits of Bollard LED Lights

Benefits of Bollard LED Lights

By Leah • Nov 21st 2018

Make Your Pathway a Little Brighter with OEO

The key to brightening up your area is using a solution that’s proven to provide stronger, longer-lasting, more efficient light. LED Bollard lighting solutions satisfy all three—OEO offers high-quality options that are suitable for Bollard applications. You can use them to illuminate walkways and pathways where typically it’s harder to light. Bollard applications offer a flexible solution to a sticky issue for a lot of facilities. OEO can help you identify the perfect lighting configuration for your unique area so that you’re guaranteed the results that you’re looking for.


Every facility needs lighting that’s scaled to their budget, lighting requirements, and physical location. Our Bollard landscape lighting solutions are custom-tailored to give you the most bang for your buck and shed light onto areas where previously you were stuck with dark, ill-fitting lights. Don’t ever settle for inefficient lighting that drives up costs and unnecessarily harms the environment. In this blog, we’ve outlined pertinent benefits of Bollard LED lights. Read on, and find out why so many companies trust OEO for their lighting needs.



Bollard lights offer increased energy efficiency between 80-90% compared to traditional lighting and low voltage for efficient lighting via the connection of an external energy source. Say goodbye to costly energy bills that don’t yield much in return—Bollard LED solutions from OEO keep your lights shining brighter and more efficiently than ever before.



The last thing you want to do is replace your bulbs frequently. With a longer lifetime, LED bulbs can last for 11 years or 100,000 hours on 100% use, and up to 22 years on 50%. They also offer improved distribution of lighting for increased efficiency and offer frequent switching and instant lighting, with bulbs turning on immediately when switched on.



If you’re relying on Bollard lights, you’re counting on them to stay on even in harsh weather conditions. OEO’s Bollard LED solutions offer optimal durability due to long-lasting parts that resist normal wear and tear. They maintain complete functionality in hot or cold temperatures for all outdoor environments, which is perfect for anyone that’s looking to light a pathway that endures noticeable changes in weather conditions.



Wouldn’t it be nice if the lighting solution you used actually did some good for the world around you? With zero UV emissions and minimal infrared, and a complete absence of toxic chemicals like mercury, LED lights from OEO offer a much more environmentally-friendly solution relative to traditional bulbs.


Find the Lights You’re Looking for with OEO

If you find that your area’s pathway or walkway isn’t bright enough, OEO is here to help. Our custom-tailored lighting solutions are guaranteed to fit seamlessly in your space, offering optimal light quality with excellent efficiency.