Case Study


Ferroglobe has been using OEO’s Edge High Temperature fixtures in their plant which have been installed in areas where nothing else would work. They even had fixtures from another company that melted in the same spot! It’s been 14 months now and the Edge HT fixtures are still operating well.


Ferroglobe is one of the largest producers of a wide variety of metal LED lightsalloys and other metallic products. The company uses state-of-the-art-technology in all its processes to provide the best products, which are critical ingredients in many industrial and consumer products.

They have 24 production centers working in the electrometallurgy sector in four continents and 69 furnaces using a total installed power of near 1,500 MW. We are lucky to work with our Ferroglobe partners in such high heat facilities with our OEO EDGE LED.

“We had some products up there that didn’t last very long and weren’t cost effective – we couldn’t get more than six months out of them. It’s been about 14 months now with OEO and we’re very relieved we found something that works” – Roland Jamieson, Ferroglobe


Ferroglobe was facing quite a few lighting challenges. They struggled to find a cost effective product that did not burn out in a very high temperature area of their facility. “We had some products up there that didn’t last very long and weren’t cost effective – we couldn’t get more than six months out of them” stated Ferroglobe’s Roland Jamieson.


OEO met and exceeded all of Ferroglobe’s expectations. When Roland Jamieson discovered OEO’s Edge High Temperature Fixtures, he was extremely pleased to have found something that would last. The Edge LED is a heavy-duty, durable fixture, IP66 rating, with great brightness, 130 lumens per watt. The Edge will save more energy while replacing high energy-draw HID’s in your challenging manufacturing facilities, even wet or corrosive environments. This is exactly what Roland needed in his facility.



“We’re very relieved we found something that works”, stated Jamieson. “Now we don’t have to mess around with ineffective, short-lived products and can stick to what we do best – advancing materials innovation”.


“OEO’s customer service has been excellent and I love the product I’m getting. I have a personal connection with the account manager so I know I’ll talk to the same person each time who always knows what is going on and it’s been easy and efficient”.


If you’re interested in learning more about our proprietary LED fixtures designed for challenging, industrial applications please contact OEO Energy Solutions via email at [email protected] or phone (800) 553-2112.