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  • Dimensions6.7 × 6.7 × 11.7 in


Replaces 400w Metal Halides, Open Fixtures




UPGRADE YOUR HID BULBS TO LED- It’s SIMPLE to Change Out Your High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halides, KEEP your Current Fixtures!
The OEO EZ LED BB-P is an indoor, direct-wired lamp designed for use in vertical, open fixtures like your high-bay domes in manufacturing and warehouse facilities, machine and welding shops, or paper converters. OPTIONAL PLUG-IN MOTION SENSOR


Retrofit LED Lamp

Reduces Energy Consumption by 70%

Aluminum Passive Heat Sink Designed for Dusty, Dirty Conditions

Optional Plug-In Motion Sensor

50,000 Hours, L70

5 Year Warranty, No Worries

5,000 K, 70 CRI

No Mercury or Hazardous Materials


Simply Wire Direct 110-277v; Compatible with Traditional HID Fixtures

Eliminate Ballast Failure Forever

More Dependable in Challenging Manufacturing Environments

Avoid New Fixture Purchase

Fast ROI Payback

Reduced HVAC Costs Since LED 90% Cooler

Reduce Material and Maintenance Costs Over 50,000 Hours







Machine Shops

Indoor Horse Riding Arena

Paper Converters