Lighting With OEO Energy Solutions

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About OEO

OEO Energy Solutions is focused on providing Commercial and Industrial customers the latest in LED technology. OEO works directly with businesses to lower operating costs, improve light quality, and assist with utility rebates in order to deliver customer satisfaction second to none. OEO is the leader in “plug and play” EZ LED technology to make conversion to LED as simple as possible.

We have developed direct replacement LED products to replace most 70w through 1000w HID legacy lighting systems. We pride ourselves in putting the customer first, allowing you to reach a knowledgeable lighting expert with a quick phone call. Over the years, we have learned which products work best for each situation so we can deliver reliable solutions, resulting in improvements to your bottom line as well as your employee morale.

Our Experience

OEO was established in 1996 and has been dedicated to lighting solutions since 2011. We’ve learned that decision makers prefer straightforward answers, directly from industry experts. OEO’s direct sales model allows our customers to get the latest technology at the best prices.

You can count on our reliable customer service team to stand behind high quality products – we don’t expect problems, but OEO makes it right if something goes awry. If you are considering a lighting upgrade, please contact us. We promise you’ll be happy you did!

What Makes OEO Different?

Better Attention

A real, live person answers your call within 2-3 rings! We even offer our one-and-only, live streaming demonstration by your OEO expert so you can see the product recommendations when you are ready to go. We set ourselves apart from the pack – we care, and we do things right. We’re open from 8 am – 5 pm CST.

Single Point of Contact

OEO’s approach allows you, the decision maker, to speak immediately with an LED expert. From your first call through the completion of your project, you will work with the same expert, making your communication smoother. The skill and experience of the entire OEO team benefits you since we all work together, no sales commissions, we just aim to meet your needs.

OEO Does It Right

Bottom Line: OEO gets our customers the most efficient product that will withstand the demands of any specific application. Whether it be steel plants with extreme temperatures, paper converting plants with heavy airborne particulate, or run-of-the-mill warehouses, OEO knows the right product for your needs. Our LEDs can handle your application demands and offer the best possible energy efficiency and lighting performance. We stand behind what we do.

You WANT To Do Business With OEO

Our business relies entirely on inbound calls so we’re ready to “talk LED” when you are. OEO stands apart from other LED lighting providers – not only in terms of customer service, extreme product knowledge, and application understanding, but because quite simply, we make it fun. We take our jobs seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Our Goals

OEO makes choosing the right LED for your business simple and easy. Our goal is to understand your application during a live, five minute dialogue with a seasoned OEO LED expert. Please make a call to us and your call will be answered by an expert within three rings during normal operating hours. Our unique, direct approach allows us to easily and properly understand your specific operating conditions to efficiently identify the proper solution for your application…on the first attempt.

Our Benefits

1 Reduce Energy Consumption 50% or More

2 Improve Light Quality and Consistency

3 Stop Buying Light Bulbs – Get Long LED Life

4 Save on Lighting Maintenance and Labor Costs

5 Get Fast ROI Payback

6 Feel Confident with 5 Year Warranty (or 1 Year if Close-out Purchase)

7 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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