Rebates & Financing

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Your energy-reduction plan is only as valuable as the bankable results it provides your organization. OEO is laser-focused on HELPING YOU OBTAIN THE MAXIMUM REBATES AND INCENTIVES, every bit as much as we are on hunting down new products and technologies. We do the work for you to facilitate projects that pay for themselves with the very savings they generate. To help you, we have ready access to sources like:

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation is a cash flow improvement strategy that accelerates depreciation deductions to reduce or eliminate Federal and State income taxes. Although not commonly understood or used, cost segregation can be a valuable tax strategy for any taxpayer that owns, constructs, renovates or acquires real estate.

Cost segregation studies are an engineering-based approach to identifying assets within a building that can be reclassified into a much shorter depreciation class than the building itself. Doing so allows for accelerated depreciation of those reclassified assets resulting in higher cash flows.

To qualify, the property's owner must be a taxable entity, the property must either be new construction or have been purchased or substantially renovated after 1986 and the property must be defined as property for a commercial investment purpose.

Our licensed energy consultants and engineers can work with your accountants to determine whether you might benefit from utilizing a cost segregation strategy and then prepare all necessary support documents required for implementation.

Bank Financing

OEO provides competitive lighting retrofit lease-financing through our partner, TIP Capital. No matter the size, project funding is available for commercial office, medical office, industrial, auto dealerships, parking facilities, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, schools, and universities.

Utility Rebates

Most electric utility companies offer rebates to help pay for the cost of energy-reduction projects. In reality, it is the utilities' customers that pay for the rebates by way of an added surcharge that funds the rebate programs. Utility companies offer these rebates because the demand for electricity is fast-approaching their ability to generate it and funding energy-reduction projects is far less expensive and time-consuming than building new power plants.

Rebates can be substantial and can cover as much as 75% of the cost of project, but wading through the rebate qualification and application requirements is daunting. As part of our energy-reduction plan, our financial consultants find, pre-qualify and process rebate applications.


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