Energy Reduction

Energy Reduction

You're under tremendous pressure to curtail operating expenses, while exhibiting sound environmental practices and good corporate citizenship. Reducing unnecessary energy consumption is a quick, effective way to achieve both. In more ways that one, it's critical to survival.

Our staff and strategic partners include highly-skilled energy consultants, engineers, manufacturers, and contractors who apply their passion and experience to devise comprehensive, turn-key energy reduction plans that pay for themselves - and more - with the savings they generate.

Our methodology is a structured process by which we:
  • oeo Method-01

    The process begins when our energy auditors
    make a site visit to:

    • Collect utility bills and obtain building plans.
    • Observe and record human behavior that may affect energy consumption.
    • Record environmental data – air temperature, humidity, lighting levels, etc.
    • Identify and record the components that make up the building envelope.
    • Record the types, quantities and hours of operation of all equipment including light fixtures, motors,pumps, chillers and HVAC components.
    • Collect other data that may reconcile energy consumption.
  • oeo Method-02
    Using the collected data, our consultants, researchers and product specialists begin the process of identifying and evaluating potential energy solutions that can reduce energy consumption and pay for themselves with the savings they generate.
  • oeo Method-03
    We then create a custom, project-specific Energy-Reduction Plan detailing the potential solutions and their financial impact using cash flow, return on investment, life-cycle analysis, net present value and other applicable financial models.
  • oeo Method-04
    Using the completed Energy-Reduction Plan, our funding specialists create a Sources of Funding Schedule which identifies and details available funding sources such as rebates, grants (where applicable), third-party pay options, leasing programs and more.
  • oeo Method-05
    We present the Energy-Reduction Plan and Sources of Funding Schedule, answers questions, provide additional details where needed and demonstrate sample products where applicable.
  • oeo Method-06
    Where applicable, we install test products so they can be evaluated in the environment in which they will be utilized.
  • oeo Method-07
    Upon selection and approval of accepted solutions, our energy auditor and project manager present an implementation plan that includes a scope of work, a set of specifications, a delivery and installation schedule and other details that describe the methods and procedures of implementation.
  • oeo Method-08
    Upon acceptance of the implementation plan, we commence work. During the course of implementation, we photograph and document progress to support rebate applications, code compliance and claimed tax deductions.
  • oeo Method-09
    Upon project completion, our energy auditor demonstrates the operation of equipment installed, reviews maintenance procedures and confirms that it is operating as joskegned.
  • oeo Method-10
    At planned intervals, we return to collect energy-usage data and confirm that all systems are functioning as planned and that the energy savings meet expectations.

Customized Manufactured Solutions

Some products are limited in their ability perform in all operating environments. There are instances where there just isn't a viable off-the-shelf solution. When this happens, our designers and engineers work closely with our manufacturing group to design a workable solution. Through our manufacturing group, we can provide custom, cost-effective solutions others cannot. Plus, this affords the community-friendly opportunity to manufacture and assemble products in or near the communities in which the products will be used.


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