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OEO Mini-Puck

  • Dimensions4.75 × 4.75 × 2.2 in


OEO Mini PuckRetrofit kits replaces 100w to 250w Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lamps


Choose the OEO MINI PUCK LED RETROFIT for simplicity to upgrade your current HID fixtures.

OEO Mini Puck kits are available to replace 100w-250w HID’s. It’s a perfect combination of brightness upgrade plus decreased energy consumption, and universal mounting hardware fits nearly every fixture. Don’t buy expensive new fixtures or worry about high permit and disposal fees. Made in USA.


Made in the USA

Retrofits Your Current Fixture

Only Uses 30% Energy Compared to HIDs

Customize Brightness with Dip Switch On-Board

Special Lensing for Beam Angles

120,000 Hours, L70

10 year Limited Warranty




Upgrade your Current Shoe Box, Wall Pack or Domes

Save 70% in Energy Costs

Fast ROI Payback

DLC Eligible: Lower Your Net Cost

Better Brightness and Less Depreciation

Long Life Improves Maintenance and Expensive Lift Rentals



Parking Lot Shoe Box

Wall Packs

High Bay Manufacturing

Warehouse and Industrial Needs