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  • Dimensions6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3 in


OEO Flex Hybrid 9KLM: 12’-18’

OEO Flex Hybrid 15KLM: 18’-25’

OEO Flex Hybrid 20KLM: 25’+


Upgrade your Current High Bay Fixtures by Choosing LED:

Newest Technology! “One Product/ Two Options: YOU DECIDE!” Simply plug and play the OEO EZ LED HYBRID for the fastest upgrade: NO RE-WIRING, and we made it as simple as changing a light bulb! OR you can BYPASS THE BALLAST in your existing high bay fixtures, wiring direct 110-277v to eliminate ballast maintenance forever and save even more consumption. 


  • Upgrade your Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps with LED and Wave 50-75% on your Electric Consumption
  • OEO Flex Hybrid can be used With or Without HID Ballasts
  • Quickest Upgrade to LED: Simply Plug and Play; No Re-Wiring; No Electrician
  • Save MORE Energy: Simply Wire Direct to 110-277v; Eliminate Ballast Failures Forever
  • Fixture Type: Open or Enclosed
  • Fixture Mount: Vertical
  • Compatible with Occupancy Sensor
  • Mercury free, UV and Infrared-Radiation Free


  • Saves 50-75% in Energy Costs
  • Fast ROI Payback
  • You Get Two Operating Options with One LED: Ballast Compatible or Ballast Bypass
  • 50,000 hours, L70; Long Life Reduces Maintenance and Labor
  • Instant On / Instant Re-strike; More Efficiency
  • 5 year Warranty, No Worries
  • Replace 175w-400w HIDs with 3 Flex Hybrid Products





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