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  • Weight3.8
  • Dimensions6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3 in


OEO FLEX 360 Hybrid 5: replaces 70w-175w HID lamps

OEO FLEX 360 Hybrid 8: replaces 175w-400w HID lamps


Enhance your Exterior Post Top Lighting with an Upgrade to LED:

Use the OEO EZ LED Flex 360 HYBRID to replace your Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs in Post Tops or Architectural Wall-mount Fixtures. It’s Ballast Compatible AND Ballast Bypass so you can upgrade your current existing exterior fixtures. “One Product/ Two Options: YOU DECIDE!” The OEO EZ LED Flex 360 HYBRID saves 50-75% in energy costs simply by “changing bulbs” or a simple ballast bypass for 110-277v line voltage use. It’s perfect for architectural lamp posts on a college or business campus, and also improving the look of your building entry coach lights.


Save 50-75% on energy consumption

50,000 hours

5 year warranty

4,000 K

84 CRI

Optical Lens conceals LED chips, looks better in architectural fixtures


One product/Two modes of operation: Ballast Compatible or Ballast Bypass

Quickest way to upgrade to LED: simply screw in

Save MORE energy and ELIMINATE ballast maintenance: Wire direct 110-277v

Fast ROI Payback

Aesthetically appealing

Reduce labor and material costs due to long life






Architectural Lamp Posts

Building Entry Coach Lights

Outdoor Globes

Building Sconces