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OEO Energy Solutions offers this LED CFL replacement lamp with a G24Q universal mount. This line driven (type B, ballast bypass) LED lamp has a four-pin G24q base and replaces 13W to 42W CFLs. Available in 3 lumen outputs (1,200lm, 2,300lm, and up to 3,500lm) and 4 color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K CCT). Mounting accessories are included – vertical extender and articulated telescoping horizontal extender. NOTE: Minimum order quantity of 6 lamps.

Choose your wattage, color temperature, and quantity.

Pricing per lamp:

10W – $9.95 (1,200 lumens)

20W – $11.95 (2,300 lumens)

30W – $13.95 (3,500 lumens)


  • Suitable for use in hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices, retail stores, and hospitals
  • Various color temperatures from soft white to cool white with improved lumen output to help visibility and reduce eye strain
  • Higher Brightness LEDs Mean More Light Output with Less Wattage Draw
  • Reduce Material and Maintenance Costs over 50,000 Hours
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Greater brightness than a CFL

Features a universal 4-pin G24q base

Includes one vertical extension adapter and one horizontal-to-vertical adapter for flexible mounting options

Save 60% on energy consumption

Common uses include hotels, restaurants, offices, retail stores, and hospitals

Warranty 1 Year





HN-PLVH-G24Q-L-10W-8yy (1,200 max lumens). 10W LED replaces  (1) 18w CFL or (2) 13w CFL

HN-PLVH-G24Q-L-20W-8yy (2,300 max lumens) 20W LED replaces  (1) 42w CFL or (2) 26w CFL

HN-PLVH-G24Q-L-30W-8yy (3,500 max lumens) 30W LED replaces  (2) 42w CFL

yy = CCT (color temperature): 27=2700K, 30=3000K, 35=3500K, 40=4000K






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